Couple questions on Spotify agile structure

Hey all. So our company is sitting around 40 people and we are looking at current bottlenecks. Mainly because we are about to start growing company size by 10-20 in the coming months

We have 5 scrum teams with a product owner, ui, engineering manager and frontend, backed devs. Team size is no more than 6. And then we have some one offs like myself for site reliability because a full team isn't needed at the moment.

Different applications but all serving the same overall service we offer. We do not currently have scrum Masters but looking at adding.

All managers and myself report to the director of engineering and product owners to the CEO. It's a bit of an odd structure and has been working, but it has it's problems. Example being my pull requests are only reviewed by the director of engineering , and that is definitely a current bottleneck since he has way too much going on. Also CEO is getting behind in his other responsibilities because of the direct reports.

So looking at the Spotify model and it looks like it would make sense. This would allow for a chapter of devops for example so instead of waiting on the director for PR reviews it could be done by chapter members.

But not quite sure on upper management reporting. How is the common goal aligned? Would the director of engineering become more of the tribe lead since we are about the size of 1 tribe?

I know this is a bit vague perhaps. Just looking at ideas on how we could potentially restructure and how we can alleviate the bottleneck that is upper management.

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