Solution to open offices in software companies? Is the problem even the open office?

There has been a lot of talk lately/always that open offices are the worst ever invention and how management is incompetent for keeping the open offices alive and well.

With a background as a software engineer but now in top management, I found myself working from where ever I could over the past twenty years. I work really well in airports, in planes, cafés, in private offices and in big open offices. For me it has never been about the open office but about my own ability to get into the zone. Sometimes I can’t get into the zone in my private office or the open office, but in the end it has nothing to do with the open office or the private space, it’s my mental ability to ignore distractions and focus on the problem.

1) does anyone else feel that the discussion is about the wrong thing?

2) if the problem is truly the open office, then what is the solution for a software company? A private office for all employees?

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