Team building games for developers

I'm looking for team building activities/games for developers. Ideally, the games would teach (aside of helping to build team relationships and entertaining).

I know one game that I have played and that 1) is great and 2) helps see why good communication/comments in code helps everybody. The rules are:

  • The team leader / master (call it however you want) chooses a goal that can be achieved developing. It must be an achievable goal within a reasonable amount of time, say, 2 hours. Example: "code a 'Three in a row' game".
  • Developers should sit around a table and be able to see clearly the video output of a PC connected to a big monitor/TV
  • Each developer get's the keyboard that is connected to the PC for 5 minutes. During that time, he/she can speak out loud whatever he/she wants, and only the developer that is sitting on his/her right side can reply to him/her.
  • During those 5 minutes, the developer must try to implement as much of the goal as possible. But there is a catch. If he/she neglects speaking out loud to the rest of the group what he/she is doing, the rest might not be able to follow the code, and scratch it, starting all over again.
  • Once the 5 minutes are over, the keyboard is passed to the person that is sitting on the right.
  • The end of the game is reached if 1) time is up or 2) the goal is achieved.

So, this game helps the developers understand the importance of communication.

Do you know any other games of this type?

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