Direction for Home Camera System

Hi All,

I've taken a project for a family member to setup a home camera system for his house. This isn't for security, but rather to capture funny moments that happen in the man-cave. Here's a high-level outline of how I imagine it working:

– The cameras would be wireless (not wired to a central CPU), i.e. connected through the wifi network

– The cameras could be activated by voice or by remote control through an app

– The recordings could be accessed through an app

I envision that the core software to control the cameras could be hosted on a raspberry pi that is connected to a mic that listens for the "switch on" command (perhaps an Alexa skill could be configured to handle this), and that the apps could be accessed through an app built for iPhone.

What I'm looking for is some guidance on how to approach this project. Specifically, do you have any recommendations for a camera system that could be programmed? All of the camera systems I've found so far are specifically designed for home security, and don't appear to be programmable.

Please ask any qualifying questions.

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