Meeting with Director of Software Engineering

So a bit of a backstory, I recently left my job of almost 10years to work for a FinTech company. I am working to be a Full Stack developer and figured I’d have a better shot of getting experience if I’m already working for a company that needs developers.

I am working as a support agent now but am going to a full stack boot camp to sharpen my skills. During the introductions to the company I mentioned that I like to dabble in coding and am looking to be a full stack developer in the near future.

The Director of Engineering sent me an email that he heard about my coding ambitions. I replied that I am working towards becoming proficient in said field and asked him if we could grab coffee and pick his brain. He said yes and to book it on his calendar. I am super excited to be at the corporate office when I have access to the directors and executives.

My question is what should I bring up and what should I avoid. Ultimately I wanted to ask what a day to day looks like and what he expects out of his team. I’m counting on the reddit community to help me make a good first impression on my potential new boss. Help!

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