Questions for software engineer like folks!

Hello software business owners, managers and engineers!
I have a few questions for you guys, if you guys could comment and answer, that would be great.

  1. What is onboarding a new engineer/dev like? What is the process you follow? How long does it take? And how much does it take for you to onboard a new engineer/dev?
  2. Do you know the cost to onboard a new engineer/dev? How much does it cost your business when you lose a engineer/dev?
  3. Does documentation help fast track your engineers/devs onboarding process with the code base they're working on? Do you have any documentation? (e.g. written docs on the code base, well written code comments, etc)
  4. Anything special you guys do to onboard a new engineer/dev to get them fast tracked to plunge right into the code base?
  5. How do you guys facilitate knowledge share of the system, application, code, etc? (for knowledge preservation reasons, and to safeguard against employees leaving and no one else knowing the system that well)
  6. How much time do you (newly hired developers) spend on getting ramped up to speed with your companies code base? How long did it take you to understand it well enough?
  7. How do you guys (developers) transfer, share, and preserve knowledge about the code base/application you work on?
  8. Is there anything you could of done to make the onboarding process/getting familiar with the code base/application you work on better?

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