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I'm experimenting with building an app for a startup idea. I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts/suggestions on which framework/tools to use? In short, I'm leaning towards ionic (I want to be able to deploy across devices). However, given my limited experience with software development, I'm also curious if anyone knows of low/no-code solutions that provide the functionality I'm looking for (also see below). OR, perhaps I have no choice but to use a framework such as ionic for this. Please see below for detail on my experience and the app functionality I'm looking for.

My Experience:

I work in data science and have good understanding of python and object-oriented programming. I don't have much experience with software/web development, but I don't think it will be too difficult to learn as I go.

The functionality I'm looking for:

1) Dynamically render content to a page based on search criteria (will likely have to pull from a database).

2) Provide the ability for users to comment on posts (similar to Facebook, reddit, twitter, etc.)

3) Incorporate a chatbot — this will likely be built using a software tool.

Thanks so much for any insights!

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