How did you create your perfect development environment?

I know there are a million posts about text editors and IDEs and more. I keep trying to just settle down and use VSCode and/or Intellij (which is what everyone at my work uses). But I just can't quit fiddling with vim and emacs. I never feel very competent in them, and I kind of feel like I'm wasting my time but I just want so badly for my development experience to just have a terminal and a single browser tab open. I want my hands to never leave the keyboard. And the Intellij/VSCode shortcuts that use function keys just don't feel good enough to me. Am I wasting my time? I know it's bullshit, but I just feel like with vim or emacs, I feel like a real "hacker" or something. I just want to learn it.

I never spend that much time actually learning it though because I feel like, especially at work, I'm just wasting time trying to get vim to do things that intellij does with a simple click of the button. I know vim and emacs could both do all the same things, it just takes so much more time and learning to master.

Am I wasting my time? Do you have the perfect development environment? What does it look like? How long did it take you to get to a point where you felt like a master of that environment and to have it configured the way you want it?

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