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First off, if I’m in the wrong place please let me know! I run a consulting firm and need some suggestions on an OCR. I have a client who needs to be able to do batch processing, extract data from identified problem documents and hopefully let the consumer upload their documents. My hope would be to find something that can or already is able to integrate with a CRM (one hasn’t been selected yet). Essentially my customers clients come to them to have documents processed, some docs are paper and some are already digital. We would be looking to have something that would let the end consumer (not original client) upload their own files and then drop them somewhere we could then batch upload them into a CRM, ideally the drop location would be the back office of a CRM. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. They had someone developing an OCR for them and things went south. We’ve suggested not having one built because of costs but we keep coming back to the development conversation. Again, apologies if I’m in the complete wrong place!!

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