Kanban and Big Brother

One of my team mates in our software development team has recently started complained about having to use Kanban (we use Jira Kanban boards) to track his work. He say he feels like it's a big brother system and micromanaging his work.

He says he prefers to work on and complete a task first then create jira issues after he's done. He says that having to set the status of a jira issue to in-progress as soon as he starts and to done (or in review) when he finishes, makes him feel like he's being watched.

I've never experienced this kind of situation before in many years of software development. I understand that keeping the status of work items updated in real time helps with scheduling, team tasking, reviewing metrics for identifying bottlenecks etc. It's never bothered me that my work and how long it takes is a metric in the system.

What do you think about this situation?

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