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Should wiki/documentation + issue tracking really live alongside each other?

Most tools in the market are either/or and have a disjointed experience. Eg, gdocs, linear, Monday, JIRA, Confluence etc.

They're either centered around documentation/memos/wikis or around issue/ticket tracking. I suppose you could say Confluence and JIRA being part of the Atlassian landscape go together but they're really not that tightly coupled (from a user experience perspective). They don't "live alongside" each other so to speak.

Notion is somewhat better where connecting docs to tickets is somewhat better but Notion itself fails pretty badly at being a true dev issue tracker.

Why does this matter? Because with most teams now remote/async/distributed, I'm seeing a lot more context not easily accessible and spread thin. I can see a lot of benefits from written context + tickets being more tightly coupled.

Does it seem to you that there's an opportunity for software that has a fresh perspective on this?

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