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Bug tickets open forever, scheduling issues

I am a software developer working on a product at a SME. I have a few questions to better understand the level of dysfunctionality in this org.

When I look at the open bug tickets in JIRA, there are quite a few that are more than 6 years old, the average open bug ticket is 2.5 years old, for a product that is on the market for only 4 years. Such old tickets of course are completely outdated, not bugs, already fixed etc etc., but they are still in the system after all the time. The number of bug tickets is growing steadily, the team is not. There are currently 30-40 bug tickets per developer in the bug ticket queue. Is this a "me" issue that I cannot accept that the bug ticket queue grows beyond any manageable size and meaning, or is this an org issue? How do you keep your bug ticket queue in order?

Last week I read some comments in our JIRA that indicate that the dev team should schedule bug tickets, but devs didn't even know this. Devs seem to be under the impression that the product team does schedule bug tickets, the product team says it's up to Dev/QA to do so, and that the product team only schedules sprints for new features. Two different teams scheduling work for the same resources, how can this work at all?

Furthermore, my understanding is that bugfixes should be done before implementing new features. Is this understanding correct in the real world? Or is this only the goal, which actually collides reality in most orgs?

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