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Are there any good tools to help prioritize tasks & resources for software development teams based on risks and goals?

Background – we're an in-house dev shop with 100s of pieces of in-house built software we must maintain across dozens of languages and 100s of developers, etc. It feels like there must be a quality formula or even product to help manage an inventory of X (software in this case) based on risks and goals. Risks and goals are obviously very unique per software but there are common threads that affect risk like quantity of end users (10,000s or 5) for the software, the political visibility of the software, the difficulty to retain developers in that software language, etc.

Has anyone seen such an inventory tool with these kinds of capabilities? Or know of a formula or standard that has worked will?

This concept and area is very new to me and I am not responsible for this in my shop but this shop seems to be struggling/failing in this kind of management so I was hoping to create a proposal of some sort. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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