New to QA Testing

I just received a promotion at my work to become our first QA Tester for about 3 websites with more to come. I had previously been workin IT Support, but between almost having my degree finished(finally) and deploying my own application for another department in the company I guess they thought I was a good fit.

So as far as testing goes, I understand different test types and I understand top level concepts of the development process (Agile to be specific). I also know that for much of my work I’m going to be using Selenium in conjunction with Jenkins. Of course we are also using Jira for tracking as well. But that is about it… they have never had a tester before and I’m pretty new to the game so I’m also as clueless as they are.

Does anyone have any sort of resource that could quickly bring me up to speed on some of this or some collection of typical testing architecture diagrams? I’m determined to learn this and get the job done effectively, but currently I’m unsure as to how that will happen.

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