What are developers doing to improve their craft?

I've been in this industry for 10+ years. I enjoy what I do, but I wouldn't say I'm passionate about programming like others are…?

I often feel like people are way ahead of me in terms of programming design / architecture. People seem to know the best libraries to use.. they talk about the next best thing and how everyone is going in this direction. People talk about design patterns a lot, how to use them, and use the term "anti-pattern" when looking at existing or new code. I hear new terms all the time. The most recent one was "headless-ui/hook pattern".. I look it up. neat way of doing things… where are people learning all of this?

I think.. maybe I'm asking for some guidance on top news feeds to follow? courses? idk.. Maybe I need to memorize the refactor guru website or something..? I think I might be loosing my passion due to lack of confidence in this field, as I don't really know a lot of terms, patterns, and such like people do.. and here I am working at a good company feeling like an imposter.

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