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When you are given “0F*CKS” as a tracking number!

I've created some reference number code to generate unique codes for users.

So I've gone with a fairly simple system. 1 Number, 5 Letters. the number of possibilities is huge, it keeps the reference readable for users, and the likelihood of collision is low (although I do regenerate if there is a collision).

However, and here's the catch, its technically possible to generate a profanity! Do ya'lls actually bother to check for this when generating references? Should I even bother? It seems astronomically unlikely that it'll spell some specifically rude words.

Im waiting for the day somebody hands our support team a reference code of "0F*CKS" or "2C*NTS" or something equally as bad. I'd be happy if I received "8BOOBS" however so I'd leave that one in.

In seriousness though, is a profanity filter usually run on generators like this to avoid embarrassing scenarios?

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